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If you’re a Pittsburgh resident, you’re probably familiar with Steidl and Steinberg’s silly commercials, which include parodies of classics such as Gilligan’s Island and Wizard of Oz, as well as their fun and creative billboards. Ken Steidl and Kenny Steinberg have been handling bankruptcies together since 1980, and while financial matters are no laughing matter, they have been praised for both their expertise and their friendly approach to a serious issue. However, their silliness is sometimes misunderstood as a lack of professionalism. As their firm began to expand to new markets, they needed a website that looked professional but approachable in order to resonate with a larger

audience. Our main goal was to get across how much the attorneys at Steidl & Steinberg truly care about their clients. We used photography of Ken and Kenny so that clients understood that they were not just faces of the firm, but talented lawyers who were capable of taking on their case. We organized content so that it wouldn’t be confusing to clients who were looking for answers to specific questions. We kept their fun style with bold colors and a gallery to feature their unique commercials. As we continue to do internet marketing and website updates for Steidl & Steinberg, it remains very clear – they can make your case just as well as they can make you laugh.

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We didn’t want our website to have a cookie-cutter look or feel. It was also important that we could meet with our design team IN PERSON when necessary. Imagebox has fulfilled all of my expectations, and more.

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