Oakland Business Improvement District

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Oakland is known as the “Eds and Meds” center of Pittsburgh due to the high concentration of hospitals and higher education institutions. But there is more to the vibrant and youthful neighborhood. The Oakland Business Improvement District (OBID) offers membership benefits to business owners and builds partnerships with local businesses, institutions, and property owners to help maintain a clean and safe community. They came to us seeking a new look and easier navigation on their website, onlyinoakland.org. They had separate sites for many of their programs, and we needed to consolidate them all into one site so that visitors were not sent on a scavenger hunt to find information. They had also recently partnered with Revv Oakland, a co-working

space/startup incubator in the Oakland neighborhood, and needed to spark some buzz around the project, making visitors more aware of what was happening in the community and attracting startups. We exceeded OBID’ expectations with a new identity system and website organization that made it easy to find out information about a program of interest. We also made it simple to view a calendar of events for the community. Post-launch, we have focused on revamping their internet marketing and PR strategy, as well as providing them with print materials and videos to promote their cause.

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John and the Imagebox team are great partners to have. They thought strategically about our unique needs and developed beautiful and effective marketing materials. They were prompt, understanding and instrumental in our efforts to get Startup Oakland running and our new website off the ground.

Georgia Petropoulos - OBID

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