Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti

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Having provided public health resources and serving as the core treatment and disease prevention center for a population of more than 350,000 for more than 60 years, Hopital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) was hardly new in the world of Pittsburgh nonprofits. But their website fell short in exemplifying their innovative work. It was clear to us immediately that HAS was changing the face of healthcare in Haiti – so we needed to help them change the way they reached constituents. Their messaging was over complicated, so we began by distilling their 20-page strategic plan into an easily digestible flyer, detailing the company, their goals, and their impact. We truly got to know the organization from the inside out in order to help them most effectively.

On their website, we showcased emotional photography and updated existing brand standards. To help visitors navigate the site, we organized content and adjusted the navigation with the user experience in mind. In the end, we provided HAS with a beautiful, responsive WordPress website that made it easy to learn about and donate to the organization. We continue to provide HAS with promotional products, print materials, email templates, copywriting and consultation services. Our work with HAS has helped us improve our internal systems to keep up with a large and fast-paced workload.

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Imagebox designed a great website for us, and they are a wonderfully creative, responsive marketing communications resource for our very busy team. Their counsel is based on best practices in marketing, so they help us convey the “why” of our organization, and the passion and personality behind our efforts, as well as basic facts. One measure of their effectiveness: Visitors tend to explore our website thoroughly – and give afterward.

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