Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse leverages the intellectual capital of Pittsburgh’s world-class universities and medical facilities to establish innovative life science companies.

A second wind for one of Pittsburgh’s most ambitious economic development initiatives.

Established in 2002, the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse served as the economic development engine behind life sciences in Western Pennsylvania.

Challenges & Obstacles

A decade-and-a-half may not sound like a long time, but so much can happen in that span.

When the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse launched 15 years ago, hopes ran high. The region held tremendous promise. The investment community took note. And PLSG served as the conduit for bringing ideas, innovators and investors together. In 2002, the Greenhouse was one of the most ambitious economic development initiatives in decades. But as the years progressed, the next generation of thinkers & funders didn’t have a clear understanding of what PLSG was capable of.

The website’s complex message wasn’t connecting. So they came to Imagebox searching for something more.


Reviving a brand with a fresh, new perspective.


The future that looked so promising in 2002 has become the impressive world of life sciences across Pittsburgh today.

While the old brand focused on jobs and financial returns, those numbers alone didn’t tell the whole PLSG story. So, we took the brand back to the drawing board – digging deep to find the root of who they are, what they do and – more importantly – why it matters.


That was our mantra as we headed into the website project with PLSG. It started by stepping into the world of investors & entrepreneurs, creating a website architecture that made things simple, yet sharply targeted to connect with its intended audience.

Visually appealing, easy to navigate, filled with useful information – the website reasserted the organization’s place at the center of life sciences in Pittsburgh.


In addition to their main website, the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse was in a position to grow their brand – adding even more value for students, researchers, entrepreneurs & investors with the launch of HealthcareData.Center. Rich with insight and the latest statistics, HealthcareData.Center provides PLSG’s audience with all the resources they need to find success in the life sciences ecosystem.