To produce knowledge through research on issues relevant to business and society; prepare students to create business value through thought leadership and practice; and promote global dialogue on economic and entrepreneurial activities that improve society.

From the Classroom. To the City. To the World.

University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration is on a mission to educate and inspire fledgling business students to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers.

But the College was missing opportunities to connect and build relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni with an outdated and confusing website that lacked emotion. Imagebox worked with the team at Pitt Business to bring an adaptable and modern energy with a comprehensive new website.

Challenges & Opportunities

Pitt Business sought to create a recruitment website that spoke directly to the needs of highly driven students who want more than just a degree, but a head start on their way to a successful career.

When the College briefed us on their website needs, we could see from the start that it would be a complex project. But there’s nothing worse than a complicated website that looks and feels complicated for the user. And lucky for them, making the complex simple is what Imagebox is all about.

At the end of the day, the most impressive thing is that the website tells our story better than it did before. It's very clear of our mission to take students from the classroom, to the city and to the world.

Greg Latshaw, Associate Director of Student Engagement


A Renewed Focus for a Clear Advantage.

A Student-First Approach

Through on campus stakeholder interviews and a lengthy competitor review, we worked extensively with the College to carve out what attracted their most successful students in the first place. Then, we got to work on reshaping the existing user experience on the website to empower students at every step of their journey – providing the vital information they need to keep them engaged and moving forward.

The Story of Student Experience

Telling the story of student experience through impact numbers and powerful visuals was an important part of the brand refresh. We worked closely with Pitt Business to build out an extensive visual library that showed a focus on the students and the success they achieved in and out of the classroom.

A User-Friendly Backend

On the backend, Pitt Business’s internal team needed a content management system that was both user-friendly and flexible. Aside from a simplified content management system, Imagebox designed a robust news & events section that provided visitors with a snapshot of the latest university updates – from featured student spotlights to news, events and alumni profiles.