Life’sWork partners with people with disabilities, people with other barriers and young adults to pursue their hopes and dreams through strengthening workplace abilities, building life skills and developing meaningful relationships.

Empowering people to live the life they choose.

Every person has the right to a life of purpose.

Since 1927, Life’sWork of Western Pa. has helped over 100,000 individuals with disabilities or facing barriers to employment find their pathway to employment, confidence and opportunity.

When the organization came to Imagebox looking for a new brand strategy, a refreshed visual identity and website redesign, we were excited to take on the challenge.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite being a beacon of hope for thousands of people each year, Life’sWork’s website lacked clarity around all that they offer, making it nearly impossible for donors, families and potential clients for them to navigate the site or find the content they needed.

And speaking of content, the tone of Life’sWork communications didn’t match what it felt like to interact with them face-to-face. So, we started with research, some collaboration and built on rich tradition to create a vibrant website & visual identity to take Life’sWork into the future.

We learned as much about ourselves as we learned about Imagebox. The team led us on a discovery journey that made it very clear to us that they were trying to help us articulate what was most important.

Timothy Parks, President & Chief Executive Officer


From brand to website.


We started with a discovery process: interviews, workshops and competitive analysis. What we found led us to define and articulate Life’sWork’s brand personality and bring it to life with a fresh new look and feel, refined messaging and a new focus on sharing the success of the people they worked so hard to support.


Life’sWork has done a great deal of good work, but like many organizations – the tone of their communications didn’t match what it felt like to interact with them. We took the brand back to basics, and helped build a messaging framework that moved their tone of voice from cold and clinical to warm and welcoming.



Investing in the brand strategy phase really paid off. It gave us a strong foundation to build on, and helped us chart our course to a better website. The new website needed to speak to the wants and needs of a growing number of referral partners, donors and businesses in order to support their project goals – but without alienating the families who benefit from all of the organization’s wonderful work. Our designers & developers partnered with Life’sWork to bring their mission to life – focusing on the beneficiaries to illustrate how Life’sWork is helping individuals get the job training they need in order to help local businesses thrive and grow stronger communities.


Photography & Video

Life’sWork spends every day in and out helping others in need — but very few people outside the organization knew their story. For Life’sWork, success is about the people they serve, not the organization itself. By putting their most successful, happy and unique clients on center stage – the organization’s positive impact began to jump off the page and into the hearts of families, donors and supporters.