To work together to provide opportunities that will empower families and individuals to discover, acknowledge and develop their maximum potential physically, spiritually, and economically.

Building on history while making room to tell a larger story.

Nestled inside the former Horner Middle School, Hosanna House is a beacon of hope located in the heart of Wilkinsburg. For nearly 30 years, the community center has provided neighborhood residents with access to quality educational programs, essential support services, and memorable spaces to commemorate life’s most meaningful moments.

Challenges and Opportunities

While their physical presence was woven into nearly every block of the community, Hosanna House’s digital presence left some room for improvement. Their brand identity lacked that little something extra, and their corporate-minded messaging failed to capture the devotion their hardworking staff brings to the table.

We worked with the team at Hosanna House to completely overhaul their digital identity, getting to know their love and passion for uplifting their community, and finding a way to express their deeply personal connection with each and every family they support.



In order to cover all the angles, we invited Hosanna House leadership and key program leaders to an intensive strategy session where we outlined everyone’s hopes and dreams for the new website. This exploration was critical for understanding how different audience’s experience and interact with Hosanna House, as well as giving us insight into their passion, which we then strove to replicate on the web.


Hosanna House has long been known as the go-to place for families in Wilkinsburg. To be effective, the new website has to appeal to clients and donors with connections to the community center, as well as to new audiences who were more familiar with them for other areas of work. We partnered alongside the Hosanna House team to uncover the talking points that stuck with audiences both old and new to establish a framework for engaging conversations.

Visual Identity

In addition to better positioning the brand’s story, we also had to deal with changing how the organization presented itself visually. Our designers took the original Hosanna House logo back to the drawing board, bringing it to life with bright colors to represent the hope and optimism that flows throughout the organization.



The website had many goals in mind, but the primary focus was to provide a compelling website that inspired donors and engaged families. The goal was to cement Hosanna House as a pillar of the community, and at the same time inform users of, and funnel them to, the various family services.

Working very closely with the Hosanna House team at the strategic level started to pay off, empowering our team to bring their genuine energy and personal touch to life on every page. In the end, we left them with an in-depth but easy to navigate back end system that allowed everyone to upload and control their own content, create their own stories and accept donations.