To collaborate with the people of the Artibonite Valley as they strive to improve their health and quality of life.

Lasting change for Haiti.

For over 60 years, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti has been at the forefront of caring for many of Haiti’s most vulnerable and medically fragile citizens, including infants, children, and their mothers.

Imagebox began working with HAS during an exciting time of organizational growth. We helped them clarify their new voice and position in the market, and worked with them to refine their audiences and develop a content strategy that would best satisfy the needs of their audience.

Challenges and Opportunities

With a rich history of providing public health resources and serving as the core treatment and disease prevention center for a population of more than 350,000, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) Haiti was hardly new in the world of Pittsburgh nonprofits. But their website fell short in exemplifying their extraordinary work.

It was immediately clear that HAS was changing the face of healthcare in Haiti – so we needed to help them change the way they reached their constituents. Their reach is significant, extending to some of the most remote and underserved regions of the Artibonite Valley. But their existing website didn’t tell that story – or the stories of the incredible on-the-ground work the people in those offices were doing. HAS wanted to share those stories, but content creation was so cumbersome that they had essentially given up on it, leaving their best stories untold.



In an effort to better understand their audiences, our discovery included strategic planning and discovery sessions, an extensive audit of HAS’s existing content, stakeholder discussions, and analysis.

When it was all over, we formed a strategy that aspired to help their audiences understand the challenges that lie ahead, care about the outcomes, understand their power to change it, inspire them to take action, and support them with tools to make a difference.


On their website, we showcased emotional photography and updated existing brand standards. To help visitors navigate the site, we organized content and adjusted the navigation with the user experience in mind.

And we couldn’t have asked for better results. Working with the HAS brand, we delivered a beautiful, hard-working website. The new site’s features marked a big shift for the brand. They’re able to do their jobs better, including telling their remarkable stories more easily and effectively. And their stories jumped off the page with emotional photography and compelling messaging.

Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral

Since 2014, we’ve partnered with HAS on a wide variety of collateral projects. Over the years we’ve helped to breathe new life into the organization’s promotional products, print materials, event marketing and fundraising campaigns. We found new ways to tell the hospital’s most inspiring stories and developed a strategy to get them in front of the people who support their work.