We make western Pennsylvania a thriving region for all by promoting economic opportunity and community revitalization. We assist underserved populations by providing capital and education to ignite business and job growth, to develop communities, to support entrepreneurs and to expand vital services that strengthen our region.

Same empowering spirit. Newly transformed skin.

Bridgeway Capital is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides patient, flexible capital and business education to ignite small business growth, develop communities, increase access to healthy foods, and expand social services.

For nearly three decades, Bridgeway has provided inclusive funding, innovative solutions, and hands-on assistance to support projects that become cornerstones of their communities. But with a website that went untouched for a few years, Bridgeway needed a partner to uniquely position themselves in their community.

Challenges & Opportunities

During our first meeting with Bridgeway, their team humbly admitted that it had been years since they’d invested in their website.

The good news for Bridgeway was that word of their impact throughout western Pennsylvania was steadily growing. The bad news was that their brand and communications strategy wasn’t keeping pace.


A Website, Reinvigorated

Brand Strategy

Over the course of several weeks, Imagebox held a series of workshops with Bridgeway’s leadership team to crystallize Bridgeway’s values, core beliefs, unique approach and audience profiles. We then compiled them into a living document that guided the redesign, giving us a framework to start sharing Bridgeway’s impact across their website.


With a strong brand strategy in place, we set about bringing this new personality to life through design. Given that Bridgeway had an already established visual identity, we offered some evolutionary adjustments, colors and diagrams which breathed new life into their established brand.


While print may not be the latest trend, it still plays an essential role in the communications strategy of nearly any organization. This is especially true to reporting on the things that matter. We took the key design elements from the web and applied them to Bridgeway’s Annual Reports, packing them with illustrations and beautiful photography to summarize key content to catch the eye and help convey deep information quickly and visually.