For more than three decades, Angels’ Place, Inc. has provided exceptional family support and quality early childhood education to help parents in need and their children become lifelong learners and create a brighter future.

Turning a complex project into child’s play.

Angels’ Place is a Pittsburgh-based early childhood education center that is determined to help single parents and their families explore, grow and connect with one another by offering free or significantly reduced cost child care for qualifying single parents.

In 2018, Angels’ Place put out a call for a new website. Imagebox gladly accepted the invitation to submit a proposal, but quickly realized that they needed much more than a new website.

Challenges and Opportunities

Angels’ Place was in need of an overhaul, but beyond that the organization needed a new way to engage with potential families and donors. As it turns out, providing care that goes above and beyond takes time, and the staff at Angels’ Place was stretched thin, leaving little time to take care of an online presence for their brand that had gone stale. Visually, their brand was outdated – on and off the web.

After an extensive discovery phase, we unearthed a powerful brand strategy that was set to supercharge the organization’s mission & impact. Over the course of a few months, we created a new website that lifted the spirits of their supporters, both inside the organization and out.

Where They Are Now

Today, Angels’ Place continues to engage Imagebox for marketing support and content creation. Together, we have been able to rebuild the Angels’ Place brand identity and have taken progressive steps towards creating brighter futures for both the brand and the families they serve.

In Their Own Words


From Workshop to Website


Our Brand Strategy began with an intensive discovery phase: interviews, workshops, personas and surveys. What we found was a strong foundation for a brand, but one that lacked consistent messaging of who they are and what they provide for the community.

Visual Identity

With a new Brand Strategy behind us, we were able to get to work on a visual identity that would reflect the organization’s unique personality and resonate with its key audience. The refresh was meant to celebrate a new chapter for Angels’ Place, and the first step was to establish an iconic identity that encapsulated the mission and ensured they stood out in a crowded industry.


Website Design & Development

With strategy, visual identity and messaging all in place, we were finally able to get to work on the website with the confidence that we had a strong brand foundation to build on. We gave life to the brand with stunning photography and some clever wordplay that captured the new mission. We curated experiences that would serve as an influential ambassador, a valuable resource and a platform for engagement that actively contributes to moving the mission forward. As our work on the rebrand came to a close, we collaborated alongside the Angels’ Place team to design a rollout strategy that would help redefine the brand for families, staff and supporters.



As Angels’ Place continued to transform their programs to meet the needs of the modern parent, it became increasingly challenging to talk about their work in a meaningful and relevant manner. Some had no idea Angels’ Place existed – right in their own backyard. After meeting with staff, we created a powerful messaging system, a strong “advocacy” voice, a compelling brand story and communication tools designed to empower the organization’s most loyal supporters to evangelize the mission of Angels’ Place. To wrap it up we delivered a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that set Angels’ Place up to live and breathe their new identity in everything they do.


Single parents choosing a child care provider are often leaving their children for the first time since birth. It’s a decision driven by emotions. And with most child care providers describing themselves in nearly identical terms, the cacophony of undifferentiated messaging in the market had many parents lost in the shuffle. Beyond infusing the brand with a more endearing, accessible voice, we needed a way to connect to the personal journeys of potential families & donors. By diving deep into the differences, we were able to spark real, everyday conversations with their audience by unearthing the family stories, community impact claims and real footage that made the Angels’ Place mission a bit more memorable.

Photography and Video

Angels’ Place offers a life-changing opportunity for single parents, taking some from potential poverty to a situation where they can provide for their family. And there is no better way to bring that story to life than authentic photo and video. We helped Angels’ Place create a vivid portrait of the families whose lives have been forever changed by the organization. With the warm and welcoming spirit of the organization, we set out to create content that felt as light and as friendly as the staff working for Angels’ Place to create a cohesive look and feel to the brand.