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Artisan is a tattoo shop, art gallery, piercing boutique, retail boutique, and soon-to-be coffee shop located on historic Penn Avenue in Garfield. It was opened in 2011 by Jason and Mellora Angst, who saw the abandoned building for what it could be rather than what it was. And that is how we looked at their website. Our neighbors (our businesses share a wall) came to us wanting a redesign that was both professional and artistic and full of their personality. And while many people knew their reputation for amazing tattoos, they weren’t aware that they also sold art, sustainable jewelry, and other products supporting local artists. Artisan came with the unique challenge that every image on their site was a piece of art, and we needed to show the talent and dedication of tattooing an every page. Their old website didn’t properly

communicate to customers, and it’s dark theme came off intimidating rather than professional. We incorporated design elements from their building into the design of the website, putting in many touches that were unique of Artisan and reflected the style of the company and its individual artists. Artisan was a welcome departure from our more corporate, clean projects. We are rarely able to incorporate grunge and post-industrial grit into a minimalist design, and the end product was something that both Artisan and Imagebox could be proud of.

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Using Imagebox to create our website was one of the best decisions I've made. The site looks great, we get constant compliments, and our business has noticeably picked up. They helped me though the whole process and were friendly and fair priced. I would highly recommend them.

Mel Angst - Artisan



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