Our mission is simple – to empower our clients to create positive impact. By aiding in advancing their missions, we hope to make our community, and the world we live in, a little bit better for all.

We put our hearts and souls into what we do. And we have fun doing it.

Imagebox is a talented group of creatives, communicators, designers & developers who come in everyday with one desire, and one desire only: to help our clients change the world.

It’s not just a “job” for us. It’s why we get up in the morning. We put our heart and souls into designing, building and creating work with heart – helping good brands stand tall and be noticed.

John Mahood

Owner + Chief Strategist

John is an industry veteran whose interests in art and technology date back to his early life. Over the course of his diverse career, he’s gained a wealth of experience and built a unique skillset from a variety of hands-on work. Before hiring his first employee, John was a one-man design, development, and marketing team. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and an unmatched intensity for what he does. Since founding Imagebox, he has taken great pride in it’s success and in the awesome team that he has built. When he’s not working, John unwinds by having a cold beer and spending time with his wife and their dog, Scout. He always remembers to appreciate and be thankful for the small things in his life.

Tracy Mahood

Owner + Managing Director

Passionate about finding ways to support, inspire, and activate the potential of both people and brands, Tracy has always been focused on building deep client and team relationships.

Having spent most of her career in both the marketing and healthcare industries, Tracy was naturally drawn to social impact – it was a perfect fit from day one. She brings a deep understanding of project delivery and process optimization, coupled with her graduate studies in business administration, empowering her to focus on ensuring that Imagebox’s team is supported with all the tools, processes, and connections they need to achieve their potential.

When she’s not helping clients, Tracy can be found at a theater catching the latest show or exploring Pittsburgh’s diverse culinary and cocktail scene.

Thad Bloom

Technology Director

It all started with some high school bands and Microsoft Front Page. Thad’s first interest in development was in building websites for his friends. Many years later, he is still learning as our lead developer. Thad works hard to make our clients happy and takes great pride in his work. He cares about every line of code just as much as he does about the design and finished product. He likes working with nonprofits and small businesses because it gives him the satisfaction of helping to make Pittsburgh and the world a better place. For fun, Thad likes to play video games and watch some of his favorite films.

Caitlin Ewing

Creative Director

Caitlin is a graphic designer turned creative director with a passion for art and creativity. A team member since 2009, she brings over a decade of experience creating simple strategies, thoughtful designs, and engaging user experiences. Caitlin oversees projects from kickoff to launch. Our team looks to her for inspiration; she helps us create super consistent, memorable digital experiences that matter, positively impacts our day-to-day, and is cool no matter the circumstances.

When she’s not helping out the team and clients of Imagebox, you can find Caitlin sampling seltzers, lounging with her cats and being creative in any way possible, from party planning to glitterizing a series of sparkle cats.

Jake Boylan


Jake Started to learn how to build websites in his free time, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. He was struck by the number of things that the web could do and the seemingly limitless different ways to do them. To Jake, developing an application or website is like solving a puzzle. A large, crazy, ever-changing puzzle. After surviving life in a large agency, he decided to join the Imagebox team in an effort to help shape the digital presence of companies and organizations that he can stand firmly behind. When he’s not slingin’ code in the proverbial web-ranch, he can be found reading science fiction novels, writing stories, or learning some newfangled web technology.

James Shults


Building websites is more than a job for James. It’s a favorite pastime that he feels fortunate to be paid to do. James didn’t start out as a web developer, however. He took a long way around to become that. He spent five years in the Navy, working as a journalist in Germany and Iceland. After that he split his time as a videographer/editor and a college student. He eventually earned a degree in Information Technology and Management from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Earning his degree set James on the path that would eventually lead him to Imagebox where he’s very proud to be working. Besides building websites, James also enjoys watching movies quite a lot, eating burgers quite frequently and playing the guitar quite poorly.

Chris Brennan


Chris was passionate about drawing from the moment he could pick up a pencil, a passion that steered him to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Graphic Design. After exploring design from a print perspective, Chris decided it was time for a new challenge. A self-described workaholic, Chris taught himself the basics of web development and refined his skills over the years. His obsession for learning and building for the web has opened many doors, including joining the Imagebox team. Away from work, Chris enjoys watching sports, fussing with jukeboxes at bars, learning about the cosmos, and experimenting with new recipes.

Chip Sheppard


If we’re talking about complex web development, pixel-perfect implementations of design, or leading web technologies, then Chip is your guy. PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, hosting, plug-ins, software integrations, databases. You name it, and Chip knows it. 

Guitar aficionado and web guru, Chip has helped everyone from local bands to national brands build custom WordPress websites from the ground-up.  His open-minded approach to development has enabled our clients to join the magic of creativity with the logic of code to make websites that inspire us all.

Jenna Mahood

Marketing Assistant

What’s the Swedish word for driven? That’s how you could describe the newest member of the Imagebox team – Jenna. While earning her marketing chops at Robert Morris University, Jenna quickly discovered a passion for helping people. She spent her days acing exams, building an impressive portfolio, and guiding people to their  GODMORGONs & EKTORPs in the labyrinth of Pittsburgh’s area IKEA. Jenna brings her knack for problem-solving straight to the Imagebox studio – shifting gears from navigating the murky corners of IKEA assembly manuals to mastering the complex nuts and bolts of Analytics, Ads and Social Media. When she’s not at work, you can likely find her spending her days immersed in the fantasy worlds of books and video games. 

Kevin Corrado


Ever since he was a kid, Kevin has always gravitated towards the arts. When it came to deciding what to study in college, there was no question it would be a creative field. Upon picking graphic design he soon fell in love with the process, structure, and reasoning that went into each project. Flashforward and Kevin is now using both his knowledge of fine art and graphic design in tangent here at Imagebox. This skillset allows him to excel in particular aspects of design such as logo design, illustration, and an overall attention to detail. Aside from design, Kevin enjoys oil painting, good Indian food, Korean cinema, shooting 35mm with his many cameras, and hitting the skatepark.


Chief Technical Officer

Come say hello to the newest canine addition to the Imagebox team, Patches. Despite of being on staff for only a short time, Patches has proved herself to be an essential part of the team. Patches is the why behind the what, the insight behind the idea, and the reason behind the madness. Our favorite four-legged strategist acts as the officiant between our creative and strategy departments – making the long, treacherous voyage from carpeted to hardwood floor just often enough to keep the team in check.


The Enforcer

CiCi may be small, but don’t let her size and timid nature fool you. Deep down she is a natural born watchdog ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Over the course of her long and tenured pawfessional career, CiCi has cemented her reputation as top dog of the Imagebox pack. We promise her bark is far worse than her bite, but you may want to fur-get about pulling any funny business under CiCi’s watchful eyes.


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