It’s simple. We love what we do, and we love our clients.

We’re a collection of geeks and artists striving for beauty and purpose. It’s not just a “job” for us. It’s why we get up in the morning. We put our hearts and souls into designing, building, writing and marketing for conscientious brands, everyday. And we have fun doing it. We’re your partner, your friend, and your trusted advisor. We believe in a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow. And to get there, we nurture and support brands who, like us, are hoping to change the world.

Who are “we”?

Chief Strategist

John Mahood

John is an industry veteran whose interests in art and technology date back to his early life. Over the course of his diverse career, he’s gained a wealth of experience and built a unique skillset from a variety of hands-on work. Before hiring his first employee, John was a one-man design, development, and marketing team. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and an unmatched intensity for what he does. Since founding Imagebox, he has taken great pride in it’s success and in the awesome team that he has built. When he’s not working, John unwinds by having a cold beer and spending time with his wife and their dog, Scout. He always remembers to appreciate and be thankful for the small things in his life.


Caitlin Ewing

Growing up in a small Appalachian town, Caitlin had a wild imagination and a love for drawing, storytelling, and outdoor adventures. It’s no surprise that she decided to pursue a creative career. As a designer, Caitlin joined our team in 2009. Today she helps manage our projects – ensuring that the creative vision is realized every step of the way. One of her favorite aspects of the job is learning about new clients and uncovering the stories they have to tell. Her favorite projects are ones that are unique and challenging. To recharge her creative batteries, Caitlin enjoys cartoons, video games, adventures (still) and occasionally doing absolutely nothing with her boyfriend and their 2 cats.


Thad Bloom

It all started with some high school bands and Microsoft Front Page. Thad’s first interest in development was in building websites for his friends. Many years later, he is still learning as our lead developer. Thad works hard to make our clients happy and takes great pride in his work. He cares about every line of code just as much as he does about the design and finished product. He likes working with nonprofits and small businesses because it gives him the satisfaction of helping to make Pittsburgh and the world a better place. For fun, Thad likes to play video games and watch some of his favorite films.

Senior Designer

Nick Pascuzzi

Starting with a career in the museum field, Nick discovered his love for design and aesthetics through building museum displays. In 2008 he moved from northwestern Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh to go back to school and pursue a career in graphic design. Before joining the Imagebox team in 2015, he gained several years of design experience working in Pittsburgh’s education and technology industries. Today he enjoys the variety of projects that Imagebox has to offer as well as learning new design techniques and technology. In his spare time he enjoys history, music, and travel – whether it’s to check another country off his list or to see one of his favorite bands.


Cory Bosket

Growing up, Cory had big dreams of becoming the next Mickey Mantle. Several strikeouts later, he turned his eye towards a career in writing. A copywriter tried and tested across the agency spectrum, Cory knows that while strategy is at the heart of everything, a good story is really what cuts through the noise. When he’s not shaping ideas into words, Cory spends his free time chasing his Major League dreams on a much smaller scale with a plastic yellow bat, ripping off the end of a newly-bought baguette before making it home from the market, and exploring Pittsburgh’s coffee scene one cafe at a time.


James Shults

Building websites is more than a job for James. It’s a favorite pastime that he feels fortunate to be paid to do. James didn’t start out as a web developer, however. He took a long way around to become that. He spent five years in the Navy, working as a journalist in Germany and Iceland. After that he split his time as a videographer/editor and a college student. He eventually earned a degree in Information Technology and Management from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Earning his degree set James on the path that would eventually lead him to Imagebox where he’s very proud to be working. Besides building websites, James also enjoys watching movies quite a lot, eating burgers quite frequently and playing the guitar quite poorly.


Jake Boylan

Jake Started to learn how to build websites in his free time, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. He was struck by the number of things that the web could do and the seemingly limitless different ways to do them. To Jake, developing an application or website is like solving a puzzle. A large, crazy, ever-changing puzzle. After surviving life in a large agency, he decided to join the Imagebox team in an effort to help shape the digital presence of companies and organizations that he can stand firmly behind. When he’s not slingin’ code in the proverbial web-ranch, he can be found reading science fiction novels, writing stories, or learning some newfangled web technology.


Nick Conti

Nick has always been fascinated with all forms of the arts and creative process. He learned the true value of visual communication while pursuing a degree in graphic design. He witnessed the impact of performance as a professional musician, while on stage & in the studio. He fell in love with visual storytelling while shooting his travel adventures across the country. Whether its photo or video, the camera is Nick’s creative tool of choice. Nowadays, Nick uses his keen eye as a means of creating memorable & meaningful experiences for brands big and small. When Nick doesn’t have a camera in his hands, you might find him focused on rhythm behind a drum kit or immersed in nature while exploring his own backyard.


Chris Brennan

Chris was passionate about drawing from the moment he could pick up a pencil, a passion that steered him to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Graphic Design. After exploring design from a print perspective, Chris decided it was time for a new challenge. A self-described workaholic, Chris taught himself the basics of web development and refined his skills over the years. His obsession for learning and building for the web has opened many doors, including joining the Imagebox team. Away from work, Chris enjoys watching sports, fussing with jukeboxes at bars, learning about the cosmos, and experimenting with new recipes.



Scout’s tenure on staff predates all but John’s. Her main duties in the office included patrolling the grounds for troublemakers, alerting us to the arrival of deliveries, keeping tabs on inclement weather, and monitoring the staff when John is off-site at meetings. In her free time she enjoyed sleeping, patches of sun, and trying desperately to get traction on non-carpeted floors.

Our Culture

We Believe In...


We work to the best of our abilities to complete each project with a level of craftsmanship that we can be proud of. We care deeply about each and every outcome, and promise to work tirelessly from beginning to launch to insure an amazing final product.


We have a responsibility to our clients and to each other to work hard, be proactive, and to be a resource for information. Our work ethic is solid and tireless. We’re here to make sure things are done correctly and efficiently. And when they go awry, we’ll find a solution.


Our industry is constantly changing. We vow to stay educated and passionate so that we can provide the absolute best for our clients. We never stop learning and are always looking for ways to be better designers, developers, marketers, and a better team.


We work hard and have fun doing it. It’s really awesome. With each new project, we bring a diverse set of personalities, skills, and ideas to help take brands to the next level. We celebrate our differences and believe that loving what we do makes us stronger.


We listen to our clients, to each other, and to our creative instincts. We don’t decide on a definitive course of action, without first hearing the ideas of others. We promise to always listen, share ideas, and realize your vision to the best of our ability.


We take pride in serving our clients, and don’t believe in talking over their heads. It is our job to help everyone gain a mutual understanding. In our partnerships, we check our egos at the door. To our team, learning about and from others is invaluable.


It takes a wealth of unique opinions and ideas to make each project a success. We want to hear all the ideas, from our clients and our team, no matter how crazy. We promise to listen, and where needed, provide guidance with respect and understanding.


Our relationships are built on a foundation of honesty, fairness, and transparency. We aren’t here to rip anyone off. We build lasting relationships by sharing our opinions, telling the whole story, and always working towards a positive outcome.


It’s not uncommon for us to meet our clients over a coffee or beer. Or to talk their upcoming vacation. We believe in getting to know the people we work with. They’re not just projects, they’re people. And getting to know each other helps build a stronger partnership.

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