Powerful stories attract people - and hold them close. And while your brand speaks, you aren’t sure the conversation is clear. That’s where we come in. Imagebox is a team of creatives, coaches, and strategists who help great organizations find their stories and share them with the world.

Your Now

  • Too busy dealing with “what’s now” that you are missing opportunities to start addressing “what’s next.”
  • You know your brand’s purpose, but struggle to communicate it in a way that connects with your current and undiscovered supporters.
  • You recognize the importance of marketing your mission but have trouble embracing and leveraging our digital-first culture as a tool to grow.

Your Future

  • A clear process designed to maximize buy-in, manage expectations, and create lasting change for your organization.
  • A brand narrative that clearly articulates your higher purpose in ways that establishes your unique voice and creates deep emotional connections with qualified supporters.
  • A simple marketing framework that harnesses the power of your passion to build unique digital experiences that rally your supporters to take action.

Tell a story that draws them in.

We strategize, coach, build, and design with one goal in mind: to help your brand uncover and express what makes you unique. Our 9-step approach helps harmonize your brand’s voice and ensures that you’re communicating clearly and effectively, everywhere. Together, our work drives causes, forges communities, and helps you connect with audiences in ways that stir hearts and jumpstarts action.

Schedule Now


  • 1 Set Goals
  • 2 Identify Audience
  • 3 Refine Message


  • 4 Draft Sitemap
  • 5 Craft Headlines
  • 6 Finalize Content


  • 7 Identify Moments
  • 8 Design Conversation
  • 9 Schedule Posts
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