At Imagebox, we believe that your website is the hub of everything you do. It’s the doorway to your organization – and the only place where you can tell your whole story. All of your collateral and marketing efforts should direct your audience back to the website to learn more.

Charting a course for your brand’s success.

When we first start working with an organization, we find that they tell an amazing story in person, but oftentimes, that story tends to fall apart on their website. It gets lost in dry content, confusing navigation, and clunky functionality. The facts might even be there, but the personality and emotion are missing.

It should be clear – what you do, who you do it for, why you do it, and how they can get involved. They should also be able to learn more about you and see proof that you’re fulfilling your mission. Telling your story effectively is crucial when engaging new and existing members of your community. And that increased engagement makes it possible to reach your organization’s goals and experience real growth.

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