We live in a connected world, and your brand is no longer your own. It belongs to everyone. It’s the property of every supporter, donor, clicker, liker, follower, sharer, and tweeter. They don’t want to just hear what you have to say – they want to live it.

You know what you do, how you do it, and why it matters. Now is the time to transform those ideas into words. Telling your story effectively is crucial when engaging new and existing members of your community.

Whether you are interested in learning for yourself, need a helping hand along the way, or want to trust our team take the reigns – together we can create moving, authentic messaging that resonates with your audiences and inspires them to take action.

Inspire action with your story.

  • 2.1 Story Design

    Few things are more powerful than a story, well-told. We'll help your team hone your story, from beginning to end – defining your heroes and distilling the true essence of your work. And once we're finished laying the foundation, we'll provide you with a roadmap to continue recording your story into the future.

    • Content Idea Framework
    • Editorial Calendar
  • 2.2 Copywriting

    Great content stems from a purpose – whether it’s to entertain, engage, reinforce, or inspire. We leverage our editorial skills to create content that tells your audience exactly what you do and why it’s special in ways that help them get it, believe it, and get behind it.

    • Web
    • Print
    • Email
  • 2.3 Illustration

    It's our goal to speak concisely whenever possible, and to explain ourselves when we can't. But when the perfect words don't exist, illustrations are an eye-catching, effective means of communicating complex concepts. They also have the added bonus of adding another layer of visual interest and personality to your brand.

    • Icons
    • Diagrams
    • Characters
    • Infographics
  • 2.4 Photography

    When someone comes to your website, they don't come for false impressions. They do it because they want to get to know you. And nothing shows off the true you like real, authentic photos of your work, team, and impact. We help capture the moments that say the right things and, in turn, your audiences' interest.

    • Headshots & Portraits
    • Office & Workspace
    • Photojournalism
    • Event Photography
    • Aerial Photography
    • Product Photography
    • Commercial Photography
    • Lifestyle & Fashion
    • Interior Photography
  • 2.5 Video

    Don't just tell people about what you do. Show them. Videos invite your audience to experience your world. At Imagebox, we blend language, imagery, music, color, and sound into affordable video content that tells your story and moves your mission forward.

    • Documentary
    • Promotional
    • Testimonials
    • Educational & Training
    • Product & Service Launch

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