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Separating Yourself From Your Business Online

By Jessica Brown

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When our clients first decide to break into social media as a business, they usually have a lot of questions and concerns. One of the biggest concerns I encounter is, “I don’t want my customers to know all of my personal information.”

But luckily, technology has made it pretty easy to manage social media accounts with a good amount of anonymity.


To Feature or Not to Feature

When you are the manager of a Facebook page, your personal profile is most likely how you log into your business page. But that doesn’t mean that anyone who likes your page will see that you are an admin. You can decide whether or not you would like to feature page admins on your actual profile.


From your dashboard, you click on Edit Page > Edit Settings. Click More > Featured.


From here, you will be able to choose if you would like any of your admins to be featured on your page. If you choose not to feature any admins, the users who like your page will have no way of clicking on your personal profile from your page information.

Google + and LinkedIn work similarly to Facebook in that you have personal profiles that are linked to business pages.

On Google +, administrators can only be viewed from the back end.

googleplusOn LinkedIn, profiles of any employees may be shown on the page. These are LinkedIn users who have the business listed as their employer in their profile.

linkedinTwitter is a little bit different as you log in using a unique username and password, meaning that your business Twitter account is not tied to any personal accounts whatsoever.


Who are you?

It’s possible to make the mistake of posting as you business when you mean to post as you, and vice versa. For instance, if you are on your Facebook business page commenting AS your business and you like a status on the business page, it will say “[Business Name] likes this” instead of your personal name. You can also make the mistake of trying to post a status onto your business page when using the page on your personal account, which then puts your post in “Recent Posts by Others” rather than on your wall.

Before you post, be sure to make sure that you are using the page as the right account. This can be switched back and forth at the top of your dashboard.


When it comes to Twitter, you can be logged in to multiple accounts at a time on the mobile app. Be sure to have the right one selected before tweeting!


BUT Don’t Draw too Heavy a Line

When you are running a local business, you most likely get customers through word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to share or retweet your business’s status or tweet on your personal account. It will update friends and family as to what you are up to at work and steer them in a direction of a page that they can share with THEIR friends.

Keeping your personal accounts separate from your business accounts is a smart move in terms of keeping your privacy, but don’t forget that your business is a part of who you are.