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Your Options for Online Payment Processing

By Bethany Bloise

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If you’ve seen all the anti-PayPal sites and articles in recent years, it’s clear that the competition  is hot to overthrow its dominance in the world of online payment processing. You’re probably questioning if PayPal is your best choice of services and wondering if other services could possibly generate the same levels of customer dissatisfaction as PayPal has.

Despite the PayPal customer complaints, it remains the number one choice in terms of convenience and international recognition. Though there are numerous other sites you can look into for payment processing services, the top three consumer picks are 1) PayPal, 2) Amazon Payments and 3) Google Wallet.



  • PayPal is a convenient way to send money to other users from any debit or credit card, straight from your bank account, echecks or from your PayPal account balance.

  • You can transfer funds to use from your bank account, credit card or other payment method into your PayPal account and never share your payment information directly with other users.

  • Almost every shopping cart on online stores are equipped with PayPal checkout, and it is the easiest to integrate with your website.

  • Live customer service, as compared to Amazon and Google’s online form option.


  • Sometimes when companies get too large they lose some dependability. Because they serve such a vast number of people, PayPal is possibly the number one online avenue for committing fraud, according to The Merchant Account Blog.

  • This service offers the least amount of seller protection. It qualifies buyers and sellers too easily and often holds merchants’ funds (though you can submit paperwork to release the hold), accounting for the number of complaints and level of dissatisfaction.

Amazon Payments


  • Amazon has the history to allow it to establish relationships with most of its users, preventing and reducing the amount of fraud on this site.

  • Amazon is making the most progress in offering better chargeback protection for merchants selling digital products, consulting or other non-tangible products with Amazon Simple Pay.

  • Checkout by Amazon makes it fast and easy for users to process a payment.


  • Only major credit cards are accepted.

  • It is very complicated to install this payment method on your website.


Google Wallet


  • You can easily send funds through Gmail.

  • Google is relatively easy to integrate with your website.

  • It has the same high limit as PayPal of $10,000 per transaction.

  • Customers shopping at your store can keep all of their coupons and loyalty cards on this application.


  • Money can only be transferred in the U.S.

  • Since many purchases are made over the phone, most users worry about the security of the service.


At Imagebox, we recommend that clients integrate PayPal into their websites because it is very easy to use, inexpensive, and it is the most reputable and widely-used payment processing service available. But every business has to decide for themselves what service is best for them. What service do you choose?