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LOL: When can you use humor in your marketing?

By Jessica Brown

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A web developer, a copywriter, and a creative director walk into a bar…

Ok, I wasn’t going anywhere with that. But some companies choose to use humor to add personality to their marketing and web content in order to really take their company places. But it can be difficult to add humor into your marketing in a way that is engaging to your demographic.

Bosses, Parents, and Grandparents

Last week, our Interactive Marketer was trying to find a funny graphic to share on a clients’ Facebook page.

“Is this appropriate for me to post on their business page?” she asked me.

“Think about if your boss, your parents, and your grandparents saw this post on Facebook. If they would find it humorous and inoffensive, go ahead and post it,” I said back.

When you are thinking of inflecting humor into your writing, you should always aim to entertain your core demographic. But keep in mind that when you put something on social media, it really lives up to the name – it is social and can be seen by everyone.


Give Them Something to Remember

Just like in personal relationships, you will remember a business if they make you laugh. Being funny is a great way to keep your business on the minds of others, just as bringing out other emotions such as empathy can make you memorable.  That being said, don’t try to be the number one jester on Facebook in order to get attention. Balance out funny posts with informative posts that educate users and make them see your business as a professional one.


Not Everyone Will Get the Joke

Everyone has their own idea of what is funny, so not everyone is going to get the joke every time. But every piece of humor should make sense in relation to your brand. For instance, if you are a machinery manufacturer and are telling jokes about wine on your Facebook page… there will probably be some confusion when it comes to the topic of the joke.

Don’t offend, don’t confuse, and don’t try too hard when it comes to humor. If it isn’t something that you wouldn’t naturally share with customers, consider keeping it to yourself. The most important way to make your customers say “haha” and not “hardly funny” to your humor on social media is to know your audience.