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Hello world!

By John Mahood

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Welcome to the new 2011 version of Normally I’d write a clever title to this blog post, but WordPress’ default “Hello world!” somehow seemed appropriate. It’s been 9 years since we’ve redesigned our website and the company has come a long way in that time.

Imagebox began in 1996 as a freelance business from my home office. I took the business full-time in 2002 and incorporated. In 2006, I was working with approximately 8 other freelancers and decided it was time to build a full-time team. I purchased a building on Penn Avenue in the Bloomfield/Garfield area and hired my first employee. We’re now 5 people strong and this has allowed us to expand our services and work with more clients.

Personally, I come from a design background. I began designing logos and print materials in the late 80’s. In the early 90’s I started designing for the Web. I’ve had an opportunity to work with hundreds of businesses throughout the years and have picked up skills in branding and marketing.

Working with a team has allowed me to pass on my skills, while constantly learning from them and our clients. I feel our combined team has a lot to offer our clients and I look forward to working with more exciting businesses in 2011.

13 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Cool website, it’s definitely an improvement from the last one. Hopefully one day I’ve enough time to finish my new website.
    Btw, what are you going to post on this blog? what is it about?

    1. Thanks Cedric,

      Blog topics will include:

      Services (Process/Capabilities/Offers)
      Work (Won/Launched/Awards)
      Studio (Team/Careers/Workshops/Shows)
      Industry (Marketing/Design/Technology)

      Stay tuned!

  2. Beautiful website…bumped into by typing as I was looking for a slideshow app. The one you use on your home page, do you mind sharing where to get it? Awesome offices by the way.

  3. Hi John,

    The new site (which probably isn’t so new now) looks great. Drop me a line sometime and perhaps we can grab a coffee and talk shop.

    We may be in a similar business but we’re focusing our efforts more towards the SEO and marketing side of things and may be looking to “outsource” more web design work in the near future so we may be able to become great referral partners.


  4. Just finished blousing, er, browsing your available sample work available here (Dec 2011). Your logos and styling have come a long way. Keep up the awesome work man! Kudos to all your in-house help as well…

  5. Started a non-profit through a grant from the Sprout Fund in September 2011. I’m looking for some attractive, eye-catching computer-generated facebook ads for a marketing effort to begin in February. Also interested in assistance with designing posters that could be placed on college campuses.

    Devin Arrington

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