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Getting in the Blogging Mindset (Part 2)

By John Mahood

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So now that you know that blogging is important for your business, how do you begin to organize your schedule in order to implement a blogging strategy? Just like any important task on your to-do list, part of getting your blogging done is prioritizing it. Here are a few tips.

Create an editorial calendar

Step one in getting blog posts done when you need them to be? Decide when you need them! At Imagebox, we post blogs three times a week. This week it will be four. Many of our clients post blog posts once a week or once every other week. Pick what fits best for your schedule and your industry.

Once you know how many times you will be posting a week, plan our an editorial calendar either online or printed, and remind yourself who is writing what and when. It will help you stay on schedule and hold yourself accountable.

Block off time for writing

Nothing will ever get done unless you make the time to do it. Block off time in your calendar in order to get your post done. Plan to some somewhere where you can be efficient and have little distraction. Some people write best at their desk, some in an empty conference room, and some on the floor. Choose your method and go there to get in the blogging zone.

Have a coworker hold you accountable

At Imagebox, blogging is a family affair. Everyone takes part in creating content for the blog so that each member of our team can write about their area of expertise. And one great thing about making everyone aware of the blog and blog schedule means that someone else on the team can always push you to remind you to get your post done. Or they can cover for you if you happen to get too overwhelmed with work one week.

In order to make it happen, you just need to have a plan. So start prioritizing and hopefully the posts will flow easily for you. (Maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration?)

Happy blogging!