COVID-19 continues to change life as we know it.

In the age of coronavirus, nonprofits are seeing donations drop, programs interrupted, and cash reserves dwindle. The world is different now. And no one knows for certain exactly where we go from here.

But as a nonprofit organization, you’re no stranger to these challenges. You’ve faced uncertainty and unplanned surprises like no other. In a crisis, you’re aware of the danger—but recognize the opportunity.

Reimaging your organization can be hard, especially during a crisis. But the job is possible — and we’re here to help. For years, Imagebox has worked alongside community-based nonprofits on strategy, marketing, design, and everything in between. We know what it takes to properly reimagine an organization, and our latest guidebook has all the secrets you need to breathe new life into your organization.

Embark on a new mission during the outbreak by downloading our free guide. Inside, you’ll find...

  1. Tips on how you can reimagine your core mission as you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. How to identify opportunities to take advantage of increased internet engagement.
  3. Easy ways to produce meaningful, high-quality content in the midst of a pandemic.

You have a crisis, opportunities, and a mission to fulfill. The coming months will be trying, but they don’t mean you have to stop. Get your free guide today, and let us help your organization reimagine your marketing so you can reach your goals.

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