Imagebox combines the creativity of a design firm with the heart of a nonprofit to provide innovative, authentic results. For us, it’s not the size of your organization or budget that matters; it’s the story you have to tell.

We’re proud to serve those who dedicate themselves to serving others.

For the past several years, Imagebox has focused it’s efforts on working with Pittsburgh’s nonprofit, community development, institutional and social enterprise communities. We understand these organizations, their goals and their challenges, and are striving daily to help them succeed and create impact in our region.

We specialize in working with...


At Imagebox, we take a specialized approach to helping nonprofits get the most out of their marketing. It starts with a lot of listening and then helping to simplify the complexity of your story. Together, we create opportunities for you to engage the people you serve, individual donors, volunteers, and sponsors wherever they are on their journey, saying the right things at just the right times to inspire action.

  • Cause-based
  • Neighborhood
  • Foundations
  • Arts
  • Member Orgs

Community Development

Community development-focused organizations use their skills and resources to strengthen communities – structurally, financially and emotionally. And at Imagebox, we use our skills and resources to show the world what they do and why it matters. We understand the importance of both presenting your offerings in a simple, accessible way and showcasing your expertise and impact in their best light.

  • CDCs
  • CDFIs
  • Builders
  • Architects


Community members are supported and empowered by the institutions that serve them. We’re talking about education, healthcare, faith-based, and local government organizations who dedicate themselves to keeping our communities strong and healthy. Imagebox is here to breath new life into your established brand with thoughtful design, passionate messaging and a sustainable strategy for engaging those your serve.

  • Hospitals
  • Faith Communities
  • Schools
  • Governments
  • Museums


In the world of startups, venture capitalists and tech, it’s not about how well you can fit in — it’s about how much you stand out. We welcome your world with open arms, matching your pace, passion & energy to create success. Our bold marketing strategies and eye-catching design focuses on showcasing your differences, engaging your audience, reinvigorating your staff, and accelerating your growth every step of the way.

  • Startups
  • Tech Companies
  • Venture Capital
  • Social Enterprises

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