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City of Champions, Bridges, and – Technology?

By Jessica Brown

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When you think of technology in terms of location, you might not think Pittsburgh. Silicon Valley, New York City, Seattle, and Washington D.C. will probably be much higher up on your list. Even our neighbors in Philadelphia were named the number eight city in the U.S. for tech jobs by

But a quick walk around the block will give you plenty of evidence that Pittsburgh is gracefully embracing technology and incorporating it into every aspect of our city, from how we park to how we experience sporting events.


Out-There Technology in Our Own Back Yard

While browsing the nominees for this year’s Tech 50 Awards (winners are listed here) in the October 2013 edition of teQ , I was proud to see that four of the clients we work with here at Imagebox were mentioned throughout the coverage.

As website developers, designers, and marketers, our team has the unique opportunity to learn about upcoming and established tech companies from the inside out.  We’ve met with clients who aim to revolutionize green space in the city, clients who help medical professionals train and perfect procedures, and clients who have created a revolutionary tool to help car accident victims escape quickly and safely. Whatever technology you’re looking for, Pittsburgh’s got it.

For instance, did you know that Monroeville-based company Rinovum has created an FDA-approved product that helps women with infertility issues from the comfort of home?  Or that East Liberty’s Electric Owl Studios concentrates on creating interactive activities for children, including their Kid’s Interactive Creation Kiosk (K.I.C.K.), which helps reduce children’s fear of doctor’s offices and hospitals?

A few months ago, I was honored to get to meet the young duo behind Share Closet, a web-based app that helps users swap clothes and accessories with friends. The business took first place at Startup Weekend in April. The app hasn’t launched yet, but founders Andrea Wetherald and Sara Longo have been making a huge name for themselves in the startup and technology worlds…


A Growing Technology Community

… Which brings me to the amazing community of tech geeks growing in the city of champions. The latest Startup Weekend took place last weekend from October 18 to 20. The event takes business pitches and turns them into reality by bringing together designers, coders, and big-idea people to end up with a great company proposal by the end of the weekend.

If you’re looking for a group that can help you expand your business or technology skills, help you grow your network and make useful partnerships, or get word about your tech company or idea out there, Pittsburgh has no shortage of resources for you.


Here are just a few:


A Desk to Call Home

One huge – and extremely useful – trend in tech is the burst of technology  (or business) incubators. Incubators can provide many levels of assistance to start up companies, from equipment to resources and contacts. But the basic idea is that they give start up companies a place to call home, renting out desks and offices so that businesses have a place to hold meetings and let their ideas (and profits) grow.

These offices-away-from-home have been popping up in neighborhoods all over the city, and each one is doing an amazing job at helping to grow Pittsburgh’s economy and tech scene.

One incubator that we are partial to at Imagebox is Revv Oakland. Located in the heart of Oakland, surrounded by the city’s Ed’s and Med’s, Revv Oakland offers affordable space for tech startups, including Share Closet.

One thing is for sure – Pittsburgh is turning into quite the tech-savvy city, expanding the limits on technology and business and helping to make the world a better and more connected place. 

What is your favorite tech startup or resource?