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The Best Headphones for Video Editing

By Zach Simons

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If you are planning on creating videos for your business, a small investment in good headphones can make a big difference.

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At Imagebox, we offer lots of professional services, including video production. I love working on these projects for clients, but sometimes the budget, or client’s needs just don’t justify having us produce the videos. That’s totally okay! We love it when clients take over the reigns on content creation.

There are lots of tips we can share, but if you find yourself ready to take on some video production, there is one thing I highly recommend: a good pair of headphones

You probably don’t think about headphones as being important, but they are. Having a good pair of headphones will make editing easier, you’ll be comfortable, and it will result in more professional-sounding videos. When you can hear what you are working on better, you can produce better quality videos.

You can get away with using the earbuds that come with your phone, or another cheap pair, but if you are going to get semi-serious about making video content for your business, a small investment will be well worth it.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Bose QC 15s are nice, but their big focus is on removing ambient noise, and Beats are just mediocre headphones that get people to pay more than they’re worth with marketing and branding. Don’t waste your money on either of these.

The best cans (industry terminology) I’ve ever used are much more affordable: the Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones.

DSC_5442select copy

They are comfortable, loud, sound fantastic, and isolate almost as much background noise at the Bose QC15, without needing batteries.

The earcups cover your whole ear, and the rotate so that they can lay flat – I carry mine in a laptop bag every day. They are incredibly comfortable when wearing for long periods of time, and they are pretty rugged.

DSC_5611edited copyDSC_5609edited copy

You can find them on Amazon, currently $99 (the highest I’ve ever seen them), but Amazon’s pricing fluctuates all the time. I bought mine for around $65-70.

As an alternative, I can also recommend the Sony MDR7506. They are considered the “Industry Standard” for radio monitor phones. Nice long cord, good design, and long-lasting by all counts. The price is roughly the same too, so it’s a matter of preference. They are great, but I still prefer my Sennheisers. And if you don’t want to spend upwards of $100, take a look at Audio-Technica ATH-M30, which you can find from $40-50.

Regardless of which headphones you end up liking, you will be much happier with the editing process and production value of your work.

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