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Best Advice: Imagebox Edition

By Jessica Brown

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This week, LinkedIn featured a series of posts by influencers in which they talked about the best advice they had ever gotten. The sage words varied, from tips on making the good moments last to picking your battles. One article even ironically gave the advice to take less advice.

It got us thinking here at Imagebox, and a few members of our team wanted to share the best advice we’ve ever gotten about our career. And we also wanted to share the best advice we have for our clients when it comes to seeing success with their websites.


Caitlin – Art Director

Best Advice I’ve Gotten:  Smile and approach challenges with a more positive mindset. It makes stressful days less stressful, and over time, will make you more awesome at your job. Getting upset doesn’t solve problems or improve situations.

Best Advice to Give:  Enter a design project with an open mind and a willingness to trust. We’re here to realize your vision, and when needed, to help steer you in the right direction. The best results come from a healthy collaboration.


Brad- Project Manager

Best Advice I’ve Gotten:  Always be opening to new opportunities because you may find that you really enjoy something you never thought you would have.

Best Advice to Give:  If you’re confused or upset with something in terms of your website project, speak up! Your designer, developer, writer, or contact person wants to make you happy, but they need to know what they can do to make that happen.


Thad – Developer

Best Advice I’ve Gotten:  Always keep up with your industry. The web changes quickly and often, don’t let yourself get left behind.

Best Advice to Give:  Find a designer, programmer or team that you can trust and let them work magic for you.


Alex- Designer

Best Advice I’ve Gotten: I can’t say I’ve gotten any mind altering career advice from any one person. But I’ve always been behind the notion that you should pursue what is enjoyable and worry less about money and prestige. I recently read Hunter S. Thompson’s “Letter to Hume Logan” and there are plenty of quotable bits in it. This one stuck with me: “It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.” Nothing that profound, but it’s a good reminder to not feel trapped in a certain way of life, and to figure it out for yourself.

Best Advice to Give:  Be willing to be open to designers’ suggestions, the suggestions are meant to help your business succeed.



Jessica – Content Manager

Best Advice I’ve Gotten:  Take every interview you are offered, even when you aren’t job hunting. It’s easier than you think for rust to develop all over your interview skills, and NO ONE can ever be too good at interviewing.

Best Advice to Give:  Be patient and kind. Websites have a lot of moving pieces, and getting things where they need to be takes a lot of communication and care. It’s a frustrating environment for everyone involved! But if everyone keeps cool and helps to keep the project going, the outcome will be worth it.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received, and what advice would you give your clients or customers?