Everyone has a story to tell.

That story makes every man and woman who they are. It’s their personality. It’s what connects them to one another. The same thing applies to companies and organizations. Just like people, brands have a story and a personality that connects them to their communities. Strong brands get noticed and drive people to take action. We empower the leaders behind these brands to grow their businesses in impactful, profitable ways.

The “aha” Moment

Every new partnership kicks off with an exciting round of research and discovery. We roll up our sleeves and dive into what really makes you tick: defining what your brand is, why it exists, how it measures success, and what it will look like in the future. By taking a step back, analyzing and simplifying the inner-workings of your brand, you’ll see yourself in an entirely fresh light. Both parties gain an enlightened sense of who you are and where you want to go.

Step One

Understanding Your Business

While we’ll never be as knowledgeable on your business as you are, we put in the work to get as close as possible. That doesn’t stop at learning what you do and what your history is. We get to know your needs that aren’t being met, how you speak to your audience, and the engagement process to working with you. We take the time to grasp what truly makes you special. Because we love people and we believe in celebrating the things that make them unique. As we learn your process, we’ll also educate you on ours, so that we can encourage a positive working relationship and understanding from the start.

Step Two

Understanding Your Customer

Get it. Believe in it. Get behind it. That’s what we want them to do. But before we can reach them, we must first understand who they are. What are their problems and concerns? What solutions are they looking for? What do they like to do in their spare time? How old are they and what level of education did they reach? What might lead them to you? We do our research and craft personas that represent your audience, so that we can clearly define who we are marketing to. Then, we discuss the opportunities that would be the most effective in reaching them.

Step Three

Understanding your Marketing and Competition

A substantial amount of research goes into a successful project, and part of that is taking a look at who is doing what in your industry. We discuss what your competitors are doing wrong, what they are doing right, and ultimately find ways to go above and beyond them. How they’re talking to their audience? Do they rank well in the search engines? Which social media channels they are utilizing? How are we alike, and where do we differ? We utilize this knowledge and formulate ways to help you stand out amongst the crowd. Together, we can uplift your brand and allow it’s voice be heard.

Step Four

Understanding your Marketing History

In order to have success in the future, we must first analyse your past and current tactics. We take a look at strategies that you have tried and what you’ve always talked about but never followed through on. Looking closely at your audience’s behaviour, we determine why something did or did not work. After gaining an understanding, we can put together a plan that is custom tailored for your future. We educate you on new options for reaching audience, look at what they want from a company-wide, departmental, and individual level, and talk about what we will do to turn potentials into leads.