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10 Ways to Turn Your Smartphone into Your Personal Assistant

By Bethany Bloise

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We previously wrote a post on apps that help your productivity, but there are many other business and project management tasks involved in running your business that your smartphone can help with. Here are 10 business problems that you can fix using just your smartphone:
1. You’re inspired in an unlikely place.
You see an image or hear something clever at the grocery store, at the movies or while lounging at the beach that could really help with your business’s marketing strategy. Don’t let the moment pass you by! Use your smartphone to take notes, snap pictures or record videos. You can even upload them and see what your friends think, using social apps like Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

2. You need to accept payment.
You run an ecommerce website or retail store, and you encounter an interested customer on the go. Normally you would just refer them to your store, but there is a smartphone gadget that can take payment right from your phone! Square is a free device for Android or iOS that plugs right into your phone’s audio jack, allowing you to transfer payment directly from the customer’s card to your bank account. The only catch is that Square takes 2.75 percent from every sale.

3. You need a question answered ASAP.
What better way to answer an urgent question than with Google Now. Available to Android and iOS, this app brings the convenience of desktop Google search to your mobile device. In addition to finding you answers to your questions through the search bar, Google Now can also manage your daily events, giving you information about what you have going on and even how long it takes to get there!

4. You need to give a presentation… and don’t have your computer.
Oops, you left your laptop in your office, and you have a presentation in five minutes! Equip your phone with the MightyMeeting app that allows you to upload files to the cloud so you can access your PowerPoint and present straight from your smartphone! If you plan ahead, another option is to use LogMeIn to present straight from a presentation on your office computer, which decreases the chance of incompatibility between the presentation and your phone’s software.

5. You need to edit your social media or blog.
Luckily, your social networks are not accessible only to desktop and laptop computers. You can edit your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and more, right from your smartphone. If you need to get into your blog, has a mobile app for smartphones that will allow you to post, edit and access your blog while away from your computer.

6. You need to record a customer or client testimonial during a meeting.
Don’t settle for the shortened and less sincere version of your client’s testimonial when you ask him to repeat it for you after the meeting. Your smartphone is most likely equipped with a microphone and some type of voice-recording software. Record the testimonial while it happens, or take notes right on your phone. Just make sure you get permission from your client before you publish this quote!

7. You need to access your desktop.
You’re meeting with a client when you realize you left an important file on your office computer! LogMeIn comes to the rescue once again, allowing you direct access to files stored on your desktop. DropBox is another remote application that can give you access to files you share from your desktop over the cloud.

8. You need to sign a document – pronto.
Forget the hassle of printing and faxing – just use one of these digital signature apps to sign and send important documents on time, using your iPhone, Android or iPad. With a free account, you can upload documents from your phone and simply sign with your finger. Paid versions offer the ability to send multiple people your document and send you emails reminding you to sign, among other features.

9. You need to be in a meeting, but you are out of the office.
You are running late or want to attend a meeting while you’re out of town. Tango is a handy, free mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you make an appearance even if you can’t be physically present. Sync your account with contacts on your phone, and don’t worry about needing a wifi connection to communicate. This app can function using a 3G or 4G connection, so it’s accessible from almost anywhere.

10. You need to a trusty travel buddy.
Your smartphone is the best device to have with you while traveling for business, or traveling at all. You can use it to remind you of your itinerary, keep all of your tickets on iOS Passbook, and use apps like TripIt, FlightTrack and GateGuru to keep track of flight delays or gate changes. Once you make it safely to your gate, your smartphone can help keep you company by allowing you to access emails, games and social media while you wait for takeoff.

With 91.4 million smartphone owners in the United States, the business world will soon be run by these devices. At Imagebox, we recommend Apple iOS as the best platform for business. Does your smartphone make your day at the office easier?