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10 Easy Blog Posts You Can Write Today

By Jessica Brown

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When I meet with clients to discuss blogging, they generally have two issues that stand in the way of churning posts out : time and ideas.

While we can save you time by writing posts for you, helping you organize an outline of your ideas and doing some research, we can also help you brainstorm blog post ideas to create buzz about your company and industry. Since it’s Friday, here are a few go-to ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the coming week!

 1. Analyze an interesting article

If something is inspiring to you, there is a chance it will be inspiring to your customers, too. Sharing great articles and giving credit to the site you acquired them from can also be a great way to build your network and build a cross-promotion filled relationship!

2.   Share company news

Business owners are often so busy wearing all of the hats that come with entrepreneurship that they forget to do a little bit of shameless bragging. If your company receives an award, moves or gets spectacular feedback from a customer, let it be known.

3.    Give a great client story

Testimonials of a job well done are always beneficial for you to share with potential customers. But when you can expand a testimonial into a rich story explaining a customer’s problem and how you solved it, you’ll give readers even more to think about as well as add credibility to your name.

4.    Post a video

You don’t need to use your words in each and every blog post. Sometimes videos or infographics can be a much better way to share a particular story.

5.    Interview an employee

Small businesses offer the benefit of interacting on a more personal level. Customers really do like to get to know the people they are buying a product or service from. Do a fun (or serious) interview with some of your employees, giving their back-story and why they love working for you and your company.

6.    Answer a few FAQs

For questions those questions that continuously pop up (but may not need a page of your website dedicated to them) a blog post is a great solution. It gives you the chance to answer a question in detail and invite customers and potential customers to ask more questions for you to address.

7.    Ask your network

Don’t forget to utilize your social networks in order to come up with some great post ideas, too. Simply Tweeting or Posting on Facebook that you want some ideas for your next post can give you engagement through several channels and show customers that you value their input.

8.    Give customers some suggested reading

Because you know your customers and the problems they may be facing that relate to your business’s services, it is sometimes helpful to suggest some extra reading on the topic. You may even want to do a post on your top 5 favorite industry books!

9.    Review an event

Travel writers are successful in part because people enjoy reading about the experiences of others that they may not be able to have on their own. If you go to an interesting industry gala, panel or fun local event, write a blog post about it. And don’t forget to take photos for a post-your blog should be as appealing to look at it as it is to read.

10. Talk about a lesson learned

You know what they say: you learn something new every day. If you learn a great new way to build team morale, a better way to communicate with customers or something less formal, like how to de-stress after a long week at the office, share your experience!

Happy blogging.